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We are a partnership between family run transport businesses. We all have our own identity, intensified by our common goal: quality transport throughout the Netherlands, but of course you could also come to us for transport across Europe.

Because we are all rooted in our own region, we always speak your language and we understand exactly what your wishes are without you needing much explanation. As a group of family businesses, we understand better than anyone how important the human factor is within an organization. Partly for this reason, we stand for ultimate transparency.

Our regional ties also ensure that we can always offer you a very personal approach. Our choice to always operate regionally makes us automatically involved in the most important pillar of our partnership: customer satisfaction. Your transport needs are our job.

Flexible and Durable
We believe that our partnership as a whole makes us stronger. Outside of a stronger whole, we’re also a flexible and durable whole. Our character, that of a group of family businesses, makes us aware of our duty to pass on the world to our children. Our drive to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level provides inherent flexibility.
Flexibility that expresses itself in the fact that we do not back down for palletshipments or other sorts of general cargo. For example, we also deliver to private individuals, in shopping streets and we provide other inner-city distribution. But oversized pallets are also no problem

Technological future
Anyone who associates family businesses with technological lagging clearly does not think of DistriXL. We sort and deliver according to modern, automated processes and are ready for the future.

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