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Corporate Social Responsibility

The transport sector has a bad impact on the environment due to the use of motor vehicles. Exhaust gas emissions have a negative effect on both air quality and the climate. The transport sector can reduce this negative effect by using economical means of transport, more efficient transport, the use of alternative fuels and propulsion techniques. In addition to the environment, accessibility and road safety are also very important aspects of corporate social responsibility.

With corporate social responsibility or in the transport sector also called environment, safety and entrepreneurship (CSR), a company takes responsibility for the effects of its business activities on people and the environment. The company makes conscious choices to achieve a good balance between people, society and the environment. This allows you as a company to focus on new opportunities, growth and innovation.

Corporate social responsibility is very important to us. For example, where possible we always invest in the latest cars with the highest European emission standard. We also participate in practical tests with new applications for our cars, for example a more environmentally friendly fuel. To transport the goods as sustainably and efficiently as possible and to offer our other transport services, we work together with other transporters, this is done within Distri-XL; a strategic partnership in fine-meshed distribution (Read the philosophy behind The driving behavior of our drivers is randomly checked via registration by PDAs, so that they can also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and guaranteeing/improving road safety. The training for “the new driving” also contributes to the safety and the most economical and efficient use of our cars. Of course we also regularly check our tire pressures, so that the fuel consumption of our cars is as low as possible.

Crime prevention is also important within CSR, which is why before an employee officially enters our employment, we ask for a Certificate of Good Behavior and we check this person where possible.

Not only on the road, but also in our building, we take measures for the environment. For example, our power consumption has decreased drastically by switching to LED lighting in the office and in the warehouse. Water consumption also has our attention.

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