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Altera 3

C. van den Heuvel & Zn. BV is a proud sponsor of Altena 3

C. van den Heuvel & Zn. B.V. is proud sponsor of Altena 3, formerly known as Altena 5, from Nieuwendijk.

In the 2017 – 2018 season, “the men of 5″ made it to the finals of Kampioenskoorts, which is organized by Fox Sports and Kitchen Champion. The winner of this game won a live broadcast of their championship game on national TV on Fox Sports. This became a dream of the team, in memory of their late keeper Klaas.  The men did their utmost to collect as many votes as possible to advance to the next round. This was successful and in the second round they completed a training course led by Koert Westerman.

Then the men were invited to the Grandstand on Foxsports. Here the winner was announced live in the broadcast. Unfortunately, the prize passed them by, but the championship did go to the Nieuwendijkers. Do you want to continue to follow the vicissitudes of "the men of 3"? Then click here to go to their official Facebook page.



C. van den Heuvel & Zn. BV is also shirt sponsor of the second women's team of GJS from Gorinchem.

Rob den Uijl Business Tournament

After the good performances at the previous editions of the Rob den Uijl Business Tournament, the Van den Heuvel team also went to the sports park of SVW in 2022 with the necessary bravura. Leaders Bernd, Michael and Hans had put together a varied team of staff from the warehouse, the office and drivers, which secretly included very good football players.

It was therefore no surprise that the first group matches went quite smoothly and were won with great numbers and at times with good play.


Only in the last and decisive group match was the team really tested against Team Massaroni, which played with football players from the first teams of top amateur clubs such as SVW, Kozak Boys and Unitas Zondag. Van den Heuvel's collective turned out to be at least equal and won a deserved draw. With a hard-fought point, it even became group winner and left the seven competitors below.


In the final they encountered Leuk! brokers, which turned out not to consist of brokers, but of young talented football players from GJS in Gorinchem. Due to a slipper in the rear, it fell 0-1 behind. However, it was soon repaired, but the remaining minutes proved too short to clap over the opponent. In the meantime, the rain poured down from the sky, after which the guide immediately switched to penalties.


Leuk! brokers could handle the pressure best and only missed a penalty kick, where Van den Heuvel was unable to hit two. Nevertheless, it was possible to look back on a beautiful and pleasant day and soon the ambition was expressed to go for the highest achievable again in 2023!

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